Corporate Training for Medical Device Companies

Create custom training videos to best showcase your technologies


Upgrade your training with unforgettable virtual reality and 4K experience. GIBLIB offers end-to-end custom educational 4K-HD production. From storyboarding your ideas to pre and post-production, GIBLIB delivers the engaging content you need engage your customers.

Drive more sales and lower training costs with GIBLIB virtual reality.

  • Reduced training expense - teach more in less time with customized, immersive content
  • Proven increase in knowledge gain - on average 20% better than traditional methods
  • Leverage your content - for sales training, at trade shows, and for physician engagement in the field

What to expect

Decrease in Cost of Training

On-the-job training is expensive and not scalable. Virtual reality allows companies to simulate real-world scenarios in a safe and controlled environment. Use VR to facilitate conversation and evaluate learners without the cost of travel, field sales trainers, and burdensome on-the-job training logistics.

Improvement of Knowledge Gain

Leverage virtual reality to enhance the effectiveness of your training. The immersive environment simulates real-world scenarios that makes your trainees feel like they are on the job and empowers them to practice in a safe environment.

Employee Engagement

With your virtual reality, you get the full attention of your learners with absolutely no distractions. This real world simulation training will keep your trainees engaged and leads to productive dialogue about the training experience.

Increase in Confidence Gain

Repetition and familiarity help new trainees feel comfortable in new environments. Use virtual reality to put your sales reps right into the action without actually leaving the training room. This type of immersive experience has shown to significantly boost sales rep confidence.

Awesome training method, completely recommend for shortening sales cycle.

Best investment in training (technology) during my career in health care!

Fantastic way to view and understand complex procedures.

The next best thing to actually attending a procedure.

Free Corporate Training Case Study

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