Customer Training

For Medical Device Companies

Educate your customers through immersive and experiential learning

We partner with medical device and biotech companies to create custom training videos to educate physicians on the most advanced technologies available.


Our team of experts works closely with your product and marketing teams to develop a storyboard that achieves the key objectives for your customer training videos. We also understand how painful it is to gain hospital approval to film on-site. Our team takes on this responsibility so you have focus on your customers.


Our equipment and processes were designed for filming in the hospital environment. Since we already understand sterile environments, HIPAA regulations, and all the other complex challenges that make filming in health care such a challenge, we can focus our time and efforts on capturing the perfect shots.

Post Production

Our team of skilled editors know how to create videos that truly engage and educate your customers. We look for KOL sound bites, examples of excellent clinical teamwork, and highlights of advanced technologies in action to include in the final product. This level of experience and our unique process to editing allows our team to create the most engaging educational videos for your customers.

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