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We have compiled some helpful resources to get you and your staff up and running with your GIBLIB institutional account

Login Instructions - Access Code

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your registration
Enter the Access Code Provided by Your Institution
  • Important: Access Codes are case-sensitive!
Create account
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  • Complete your profile at any time to obtain more personalized content

Login Instructions - IP Address

With IP access, you can access GIBLIB any time you are connected to your hospital IP address without any requirement to log in.

You may also follow the instructions below to create a personalized account with login credentials. This will allow you to access GIBLIB from any location outside the hospital’s IP address. You must be within your hospital’s IP address the first time you create the account, but once you’ve created it, you can access GIBLIB from any location.
  • Click “Create free account
Verify your email
  • Enter your email to create your account
  • You must be connected to your institution's registered IP address to access your free account for the first time.
Create account
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  • No need to answer additional questions
Choose profession & additional information
  • Complete your professional profile at any time for better recommendations
  • Enjoy GIBLIB outside of your institution at any time!

Learn from the world's best doctors

GIBLIB is an on-demand streaming service where physicians, advanced practice providers, and medical students go to learn convenient, high quality educational content created by trusted experts from the world’s top hospitals.

Learning made easy

Access to an expansive library with multiple learning formats.
CME hours
full-length conferences
new videos each month

Never Stop Learning from the Most Trusted Institutions

Gain access to an exclusive library of evidence-based educational content that is current and relevant to your practice.

A few notable platform features

Tailored recommendations

Content recommendations are tailored to you based off of your specialty, profession and watch history. To make sure you are getting the right recommendations, input your profession and specialty.

Read transcripts in multiple languages

Follow the transcripts to review the content. Search for specific terms or words and jump straight to the part of the video by clicking on the transcript.

Take notes as you watch

Take time-stamped notes, so that you can reference back to that exact point in the video.

Navigating our site

Intelligent search engine

Our global search engine references the entire library of video transcripts so that you can search for topics without knowing the specifics.

Browse tab

Use the BROWSE tab to narrow down your search


Access all of our content with convenient filtering options on the catalog page


Click the bookmark icon by your next video or course thumbnail to save it seamlessly to your bookmarks across all of your devices.

Custom Playlists

Create custom playlists to organize, keep track and plan out your future learning.

Strategies for engagement

  • Identify your physician champion, as well as a potential nurse champion
  • GIBLIB team can provide a demo or you can show our  TRAILER at faculty/staff orientation, staff/division meetings, grand rounds and other venues
  • Provide GIBLIB COLLATERAL and show our TRAILER at med student, resident or fellow orientation
  • Provide GIBLIB COLLATERAL at the faculty lounge
  • Add GIBLIB LOGO icon to enterprise-wide hospital desktops
  • Add GIBLIB link to internal educational websites
  • Add GIBLIB link to the electronic medical record
  • Add GIBLIB LOGO and brief one sentence description as the screen saver on enterprise computers
  • Encourage chief residents to send out related GIBLIB videos after morning reports, or other conferences to reinforce educational points from the conference topic
  • Can be used as educational content for follow-up of M&M conferences
  • Use GIBLIB content to proactively fill in gaps for educational conferences, particularly for specialty topics that are difficult to secure from onsite physicians
  • Use GIBLIB content to fill in for late cancellations from scheduled speakers so the entire session does not have to be rescheduled or cancelled
  • Have GIBLIB become your “One Stop Shop” for all internal educational videos. Content such as EMR training, compliance, regulatory requirements, quality/safety, DEI training, grand rounds, and any other hospital created content can be hosted on the GIBLIB platform and access limited to only your hospital or specific groups you give access to
  • PLAYLISTS can be created for:
  • Initiatives or in response to low performing areas or adverse events
  • Medical students, residents, or fellows for specific clerkships or rotations
  • Educational work when a trainee is out for COVID isolation or quarantine or for any reason
  • Recent topic updates or emerging topics that require rapid learning such as COVID practice changes or monkeypox guidelines
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