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ANNOUNCEMENT: GIBLIB Collaborates with Amazon

GIBLIB is excited to participate in the first-ever Amazon Healthcare Accelerator program as one of the top ten, innovative healthcare start-ups.
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“We are excited to announce the selection of the 10 finalists and participants for the first-ever AWS Healthcare Accelerator. These ten companies were selected from 427 applications from 31 countries around the world….
...GIBLIB, headquartered in Los Angeles, creates a content streaming service-like educational experience for healthcare providers. It allows for the streaming of surgical videos and medical lectures from subject matter experts at the leading medical institutions on-demand with unlimited access to receive continuing education credits.”

We’re excited to join Amazon in their Health Accelerator program to upgrade human health on a global level. GIBLIB, Amazon, and nine other healthcare start-ups will work together to improve patient care, better health outcomes, and lower medical costs so that we can advance human health and improve our healthcare. 

At GIBLIB, we invest significant resources to bring studio-quality videos of surgeries and lectures to medical education. Our mission is to advance human health through education and technology and empower healthcare professionals 
to never stop learning. 

As the only educational platform selected out of the top ten healthcare start-ups, we can help users watch, learn, and earn CME with ease. Get access to thousands of accredited medical courses, one-one-one lectures, surgical videos, and courses with our easy-to-access website. And receive expert advice on a wide variety of comprehensive topics, covering today’s complex medical conditions, and problematic issues. At GIBLIB, we will bolster your education with pioneering technology and a Hollywood-infused, entertaining platform.

We are creating a new future in medical education – where high-quality remote learning can strengthen doctors across the globe. We promise that, with our participation with Amazon Healthcare Accelerator program, we will inspire and empower medical professionals everywhere to advance human health and to Never Stop Learning.

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Watch, learn, and earn unlimited AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™. Our continuing medical education process is simple, fast and efficient. Get access to thousands of accredited medical lectures, surgical videos, and courses. Clinician-learners complete an assessment test and can download CME certificates instantly.


GIBLIB is the premier streaming service with a vast catalog of unrivaled continuing medical education content covering surgical videos, medical lectures, courses, and transcripts. Learn from the world’s best doctors, from the top leading institutions, including Mayo Clinic, UCSF, Cedars-Sinai, Keck Medicine of USC, and many more.

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