CME Summary when downloading multiple CME activities

Tracking and submitting your CME just got even easier with our new CME summary function. Simply select the completed CME activities that you wish to download the certificates for, and we will consolidate them into a single PDF, which includes a summary of your activities.
August 26, 2022

How many CME credits have you earned with GIBLIB this year? 1 credit, 5 credits, or maybe more than 50 credits? Your experience of downloading your completed CME activities just got better with GIBLIB!

What the experience use to be:

Downloading all the certificates could have been an ordeal in itself for you. In the past, when you downloaded more than one CME certificates that you completed, we delivered a zip file with each certificates as its own PDF file.

How we improved the experience:

If you download more than one completed CME activities now, you will download one PDF with all the certificates included. Not only that, we have included a CME Summary sheet as the first page in the PDF so that you can clearly see how much CME credits you’ve earned and the list of of the activities of all the activities you selected to download.

More updates coming soon!

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