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How Magnetic Technologies Can Help Breast Cancer Patients Receive Better Outcomes

Improving breast cancer treatment through novel technologies.
February 12, 2022

As most physicians will tell you, the patient is at the heart of everything they do. Experiencing a breast cancer diagnosis can be one of the most earth-shattering moments, so making sure they receive the best possible care is paramount. Many women have told their stories of breast cancer treatment online, talking about the horror of their initial diagnoses and the challenges they faced during treatment. They write how scared they are – about the thought of dying, about how painful treatment will be, and what life after radiation treatment will look like:

“I was really frightened because it was something that I’d never touched upon before, I had no idea. Cancer was not in my world and, suddenly, here I was being told I had got cancer. I was frightened and I didn’t have any information. I needed to know what cancer in situ was and nobody could tell me.”

Jacky, HealthTalk

“I had to endure the placement of 5 needle localization wires which was extremely painful, bordering on barbaric. Then after the surgery, I developed a hematoma that triggered a 2nd trip to the operating room. After an overnight stay, I was sent home to recover, bruised from neck to hip from the pooling of blood.”

Lisa, DCIS 411

It's terrifying. But, for patients being treated with early-stage breast cancer, new technologies have emerged in recent years, designed to improve that patient experience. One of these is magnetic seeds and lymphatic tracers that can be used to target cancerous tissue, making it easier for surgeons to remove it in one surgery.

How can magnetic localization technologies better support physicians?

Endomag uses this technology to make the experience of breast cancer care for patients and physicians better by:

1. Enabling greater patient and physician access to a better standard of care. 

2. Improving surgery by providing physicians with the best possible tools.

3. Preventing unnecessary surgery by offering physicians access to new techniques that are more accurate and provide greater flexibility. 

Watch the latest videos on advanced magnetic localization for free here.

Endomag’s core idea? To use magnetics to remove the the need for radioactivity or guidewires when staging and removing breast cancer.

The Magseed® marker is a tiny seed designed to accurately mark the site of a cancer and help with its removal in surgery. Detected by the Sentimag® localization platform and indicated for long-term implantation in any soft tissue, it enables more flexible and precise tumor localization during surgery.

The Magtrace® lymphatic tracer is a liquid tracer that has been developed specifically for sentinel node biopsies. Detected by the Sentimag® localization system, this non-radioactive tracer directs surgeons to the first draining lymph nodes most likely to contain cancer to help determine if it has spread.

The Sentimag® platform uses magnetic sensing to detect the Magseed® and Magtrace® tissue markers, enabling physicians to perform tumor localizations and stage breast cancer in one platform.


Over 700 hospitals in more than 45 countries have access to more precise and less invasive breast cancer treatment thanks to Endomag’s technologies. The world’s leading breast physicians have used Endomag's surgical guidance platform, Sentimag®, to help over 225,000 patients with breast cancer avoid surgery when it isn’t needed – and experience better outcomes when it is necessary.

"The ability to utilize the seed, place the seed at a different setting, maybe the week before, and then have that patient come in, just for the surgery, right up to the pre-op area, has really changed things dramatically for us"

Dr. Michael Alvarado, Professor of Surgery, Director, Breast Surgeon Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco

"My patients really like this, and they always tell me almost every single time 'oh, it's done already, oh, wow that was quick, that was easy, I was expecting something worse.' So patients really have given me great feedback when placing a Magseed® both in the breast and the axilla."

– Ramya Pham, MD, Radiology, UH Cleveland Medical Center


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