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International Symposium: Mayo Clinic Model of Care

Watch Mayo Clinic’s virtual symposium on GIBLIB for leaders in healthcare designed to provide in-depth training to the mission, values, and systems at Mayo Clinic.
March 1, 2022


It’s no surprise why Mayo Clinic has been constantly ranked No. 1 for the best hospital in the nation 6 consecutive years now. For measurements of survival, experience, nurse staffing, advanced technology, patient services, and reputation with other specialists, Mayo Clinic remains the cream of the crop (Mayo Clinic).

Started in 1864 with the goal of providing hope and good health, Mayo Clinic now cares for 1.3 million patients from every state and nearly 130 countries each year (Mayo Clinic). Through their years of healthcare and practice, this hospital has become one of the most influential authorities on medicine in the nation. You can learn about Mayo Clinic’s style of management and how they care for their patients and physicians in their online conference “International Symposium: Mayo Clinic Model of Care”.

Mayo Clinic invites you to a virtual symposium for leaders in healthcare designed to provide in-depth training to the mission, values, and systems at Mayo Clinic. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Mayo Clinic's integrated model of health care delivery and the long history that has contributed to Mayo Clinic as an exemplary healthcare institution. Regardless of your role in health care, we hope you'll find value and new ideas at the symposium.

Mayo Clinic senior leadership will share insights on:

  • The value principles that make up the Mayo Model of Care
  • The business and management systems that support Mayo's integrated practice
  • The culture of service excellence that sustains Mayo's ranking as one of the best hospitals in America

Here are 4 out of the 21 Video Lectures in this Mayo Clinic Conference You Can Watch to Learn About the Mayo Clinic's Model of Care on GIBLIB Today! Click on any link of your choice to start watching.

Commitment to Safety: Safe Behaviors and Processes to Implement them

Umesh M. Sharma, M.D., M.B.A., describes Mayo Clinic's approach to disseminating commitment to safety, shares the 5 safe behaviors, and reviews tenets of fair and just culture.

Educational Transformation Through Innovation, Technology, Empowerment and Energy

Scott Seinola shares the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science and the PLATO education strategic plan.

Genomic Science in Modern Medical Practice

Carolyn (Caer) R. Vitek, Ed.D., M.S., discusses the mission of the Center of Individualized Medicine, following the Mayo Clinic model that includes research and education as part of providing patient care.

Management Engineering & Internal Consulting

Taeyeul (Tae) Huh, M.S., Janine R. Kamath, M.A., M.B.A., Dorothy A. Larsen, M.A., discuss ME&IC, the history, roles, strategy design, and execution, case studies, revenue management.

Watch More Complimentary Videos in this Conference Here.

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