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Non-Opioid Pain Management Quiz

Are you up to date on your knowledge of non-pain medications for pain management? Take this quiz to test your knowledge and watch the video to learn more.
Christopher S. Wie, MD
Pain Management

Even as we make significant progress against Covid-19, another health problem has gotten exponentially worse – opioids. With more people in isolation, the epidemic has gotten more severe, so we need an even stronger defense against patient addiction. 

That’s why non-pain medication of pain management is critical in preventing addiction. Are you up to date on your knowledge of non-pain medications? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

1. What is the significance of gabapentin's variable bioavailability?

A. It may require very high doses of up to 4,000 mg

B. Most patients require only very low doses

C. It's much more dangerous than an equivalent dose of narcotic

D. It can be addictive in high doses

2. Which non-opioid medication is the safest?

A. Flexeril

B. Zanaflex

C. Robaxin

D. Skelaxin

3. What is the best treatment for a patient that requires narcotics with increasing frequency (requiring a normally Q4h medication every 2 hours)?

A. Increase dose of narcotic

B. Use a longer acting narcotic

C. Add a muscle relaxer

D. Pain rehab including cognitive behavioral therapy

Watch the full video to learn more and check your answer below. Deep dive into the topic with Christopher S. Wie, MD, as he discusses non-opioid pain management options, including: 

  • Non-opioid analgesics for the treatment of pain
  • Tools to improve patient education regarding chronic pain
  • Interventional approaches to the treatment of pain
  • Comprehensive pain rehabilitation

  1. A, high doses of up to 4,000 mg
  2. C, Robaxin
  3. D, Pain rehab including cognitive behavioral therapy
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