Welcome to the GIBLIB Virtual Medical Student Clerkship Program - General Surgery.

Are you tired of being the fifth in line to see the operative field ?
 When you get your chance to scrub in, do you find the YouTubing videos you watched beforehand did not prepare you for the questions the attending asked?

Us too. 

That is why we created the Virtual GIBLIB Medical Student Clerkship Program for General Surgery. A study resource utilizing the highest quality surgical GIBLIB videos specifically augmented to prepare you to excel in the OR as a medical student. 

This interactive video-based curriculum will give you the chance to view surgery from a surgeon's point of view while gaining insights into what you may be asked as a medical student in the OR. This curriculum was crafted by medical students for medical students and targets the highest yield topics thrown at you while scrubbed in. 

This curriculum will prepare you for your operative room experience on general surgery clerkships. By completing the 12 core general surgery videos and quizzes before, you will have the exposure and knowledge necessary to be comfortable alongside your surgical team and answer any questions they may throw at you. In addition to the videos, we have provided vital background information for a deep dive into the pathology, procedure, and key literature. We also provide links to additional academic material to fill in those gaps in your didactic knowledge. 

Now, go out and crush it in the OR!